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Web privacy

Apex Ed (Pvt) Ltd. (“Apex Ed”) is committed to respecting the privacy of any user or visitor to their websites (“You”). Any data or information that may be communicated to Apex Ed by means of any of its websites are protected. Apex Ed is required to maintain the confidentiality of all information and data they may collect, such as written, graphic, audio, visual digital, electronic, etc..

What personal information does Apex Ed collect and maintain?

Apex Ed usually collects information or data via their websites or email campaigns.
Apex Ed collects your personal information mainly to stay in touch with You. Email communications in particular are aimed at keeping You informed about Apex Ed news, events, surveys and fundraising appeals.

Any information or data that may be collected that may allow for the identification of the user is kept and protected as strictly confidential information. This type of information is usually only obtained if provided by You via email, or other communication with Apex Ed via the website.
While no attempts are made to link individual users to information captured by Apex Ed websites, the following data may be automatically collected: the IP address from which the site is accessed; the type of browser used to access the website, the date and time the site was accessed; the pages viewed and if applicable, the site that linked the user to the Apex Ed website. This information would be used to improve the service offered by Apex Ed websites. Any such information collected by Apex Ed via its websites will not be transferred to any third parties in accordance with all applicable laws.

Apex Ed may use cookies to facilitate navigation on its websites. Cookies are special computer files automatically stored on the user’s computer. From time to time, Apex Ed may use cookies to monitor the areas of its websites accessed by users. Any user concerned about cookies may refer to the “help” information in their browser software for more information about cookies, how to disable them and how to delete them.

Apex Ed websites may contain links to other web sites. Apex Ed is neither responsible for the content nor the privacy guidelines of these other sites. You should verify the privacy policies of sites linked to by Apex Ed and to exercise your own good judgment regarding accuracy, and reliability of the information they contain.

Email privacy

Apex Ed collects your personal information mainly to stay in touch with you. Email communications in particular are aimed at keeping you informed about Apex Ed news, events, surveys and appeals.
Alumni may send a request to [email protected] to be removed from mailing lists. Since some communications programs may already be in progress at the time a request is received, alumni may continue to receive communications for a short time before the change is being implemented.
Apex Ed students can click on the Unsubscribe link in mass email communications. Faculty and staff cannot unsubscribe from the NOW newsletter or emails sent by the university.
If you have any questions please contact:
Apex Ed Communications Services
[email protected]